What We Do


We practice all areas of real estate.

  • Purchase and sale of all types of real estate
  • Tips for first time home buyers
    • You will not pay land transfer tax if you have never owned a home before
    • Your mortgage proceeds are often less than you expect because of costs relating to CMHC or GENCOR mortgage insurance – usually $400 - $800
    • You may also have to pay up to several thousand more dollars in adjustments for property taxes and heating oil on closing. If you are buying a country property count on at least $1,000 extra.
    • Don’t spend all your spare cash on furniture until you know your final closing costs
    • Our clerks will be happy to explain these issues to you ahead of time.
  • Mortgage financing for both home buyers and lenders
  • Family transfers – often in conjunction with estate planning
  • Sale of land by non-residents of Canada
  • We work with Stewart Title to title insure all real estate purchases.

  • Estate and succession planning are very important to making your passing less painful for your family.
  • Bill Ramsay has extensive experience with the transfer of cottages and family farms.
  • With the proper powers of attorney in place you will be looked after in the case of mental incapacity.
  • We consult with accountants to make sure your estate plan will result in the least amount of tax as possible being paid by your estate.
  • Wills are stored in our fireproof filing cabinets at no additional charges.
  • Planning Your Will 2020

    Planning Your Will 2020


    When a loved one dies you need solid advice to help you resolve their estate. You will be grieving their loss – we can help with the steps necessary to move their property on to the next generation.


    While the real estate rush is on we have an agreement with Danielle Perras, who shares office space with us, to do our corporate work. Her firm is called MRKT Law. https://marketlaw.ca/
    She can be reached by calling our office at 705-647-4010